Pet Play

What are you waiting for? A spanking.. Come play after you read and understand what Pet Play is, and what you are getting into…

Even if you consider yourself a little kinky, you might be surprised by one fetish: pet play. Pet play can range from playful to extreme BDSM. This fetish isn’t for every kinkster, but if you want to set your humanity aside (or train an animal to be his best), keep reading to find out what animal roleplay is about.

Pet play is a specific type of roleplay where a person acts and usually dresses like a specific animal. It’s common for the submissive to roleplay an animal and wear the accouterments that go with it while the dominant is the owner or trainer. Animal roleplaying is typically done within an erotic power exchange relationship. You might enjoy some of the accessories and tools for animal play when you’re going solo, but it’s easier if you have someone who acts as trainer or owner.

Each type of pet play comes with specific expectations. For example, you might expect a puppy or kitten to be loving and cuddly but also playful — and potentially naughty at times! 

Some items that are common across the various forms of pet play include collars,  tails (often butt plugs with appropriate animal tails attached), knee pads and ears. 

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