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Our Mission

Our mission is to foster connections between individuals or couples in a consent positive, accepting environment. Elevating your expectations of how to vet someone online while enjoying the chase.

This is not an infidelity inspiring website. What you decide to disclose to your partner or partners is your responsibility. We encourage all parties to be “In the know” so they can operate of their own free agency.

There is no shame in being tame, although the spirit behind what we would like to accomplish in relationship enrichment is based in BDSM this site is for everyone. In a consent positive environment my team wants you to find whatever style of relationship or experience your heart desires.

Everything is Acceptable

This site in done in the spirit of BDSM. Please educate yourself before you practice. Your local dungeon should give classes. If those resources are not available there are some reputable YouTube resources that are wealths of information. Everything is acceptable in a consent positive environment. Find someone to do age play, pet play, new kinksters, vanillas and people living the lifestyle. Nothing is off the table as long as it is negotiated and respected.

If you can imagine it, you can do it. As long as it is Agreed Upon.



Role Play

Impact Play

Age Play

Pet Play

Financial Domination

Asexual Play

What sets us Apart?

This is NOT a porn website! This is an educational approach to the world of BDSM through the eyes of an active participant. That is what sets us apart. We want you to feel secure in releasing your more sensitive information and inner desires when you are ready. We will put forth resources in this website that will help you, but trust your personal instincts as well as basic common sense. The most important component, is it is with ANY relationship, is communication.

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There is a open door forum so you can speak about your experiences. Inspire Us!

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If you let us know a little bit about you, we can connect via email to brainstorm some creative opportunities as well as share dialogue of our experiences.